Top ethical gifts for men (in the UK)

Written by: Tom from Don't Feed the Bears



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gifts for men (our take on it)

After reading a bunch of ethical gifts for men guides & seeing the same generic ideas coming up over & over (the bamboo shaving brush seems to be mandatory on these lists) I’ve decided to put my recommendations down into a list. 

Mainly, because these little businesses make amazing things that make awesome gifts & you probably wouldn’t have come across them if you didn’t find this blog.

Everything on here screams thoughtful (the best kind of gifting scream) and shows a lot more love than a quick dash around the supermarket (or an even quicker click on Amazon).

If you're looking for thoughtful (and sustainable) gifts for a man in the UK, you've come to the right place!

*I've purchased from every business on this list and recommend each one for quality & customer service (especially the bear t-shirts!). 

Let's dive in!

Fudge to die for

We stumbled across these master fudge-atieras whilst queuing in a cafe last year. Their deadly cool branding jumped out & we just had to buy some! Many orders (and a few lbs) later & we can safely say that Death By Fudge makes the best naughty confectionaries around. (fact check - after some googling it seems that no one has actually died from eating DBF so the name is a smidge misleading)

They do a lot more than just fudge now - Their Milky Bar Gold Cookie Dough Slice with Nutella centre is the bomb! 

Sunny G's

Bird Eyewear - Sunglasses make a great gift. You can never have too many. One size fits all & when they’re as nicely made as Bird sunglasses, with a little care they will last a lifetime. Ethical UK eyewear company Bird uses sustainable materials to make some super-cool shades (we have 3 pairs and counting). Perhaps this is controversial, but I think the quality of their products is higher than Ray Bans at a more affordable price.

*little bird fact - I bought a gift card via their website a few months ago. I was having an issue applying it so emailed them & got a reply within 10 minutes (from the CEO while he was holiday) #greatcustomerservice

Awesome Tea

NUDITEA - Beautifully presented Naked Leaf Tea. UK small tea company run by Josh & Sophie. 

Their tea comes either loose or in bags and is totally delicious. 

From Fifty Shades of Earl to Breakfast in the Buff (they love a naked tea pun) The UK's most stylish tea company turn the humble cuppa into a gift-worthy experience (I'm off to put the kettle on).

Not only does their packaging look like our cup of tea - it's plastic free and compostable. 

Sublime Ceramics

Old Forge Creations - Creative tour de force (am I using that right?) - Joe Thompson is the man behind the wheel. Joe throws beautiful Swirly Mugs, eye-catching Peacock Eye Bowls and much more. 

Joe's Instagram (has over 200k followers) is a fascinating mix of education on everything from how to grow an instagram account and demonstration of his pottery skills. 

His work sells out fast (the online store opens about once a month) so it’s a good idea to join his email list to know exactly when his online shop is next open. 

Craft Coffee

Jackalope Joe - Coffee micro roastery run by Hannah. 

It’s simple. If the chap you’re shopping for loves coffee then some artisan beans (ground or whole) are going to be a hit! 

Single origin, speciality coffee - roasted fresh each week. All Jackalope Joe’s coffee is ethically sourced & there’s even a coffee subscription for the gift that keeps on giving. 

We love Jackalope Joe coffee here at DFTB HQ and we know you will too! 

A sneaky gift (that’s a bad sneaker pun):

Allbirds - This is the only big corporate business on this list, but Allbirds footwear is a great example of how big business can operate ethically (and make cool trainers). 

With materials like sheep's wool, recycled bottles & caster bean oil, these trainers are beautifully made (& super lightweight). 

We’re not big on logos here at DFTBs and so their minimal look suits us down to the ground. 

Their packaging is minimal to say the least - both times we've ordered I've been amazed they didn't fall out of the box on the way! 

A Bear T-Shirt

Don't Feed the Bears - The best thing about writing your own gift guide is that you can put your own brand on the list!

That said - there's a reason that thousands of people make DFTBs their go to gift of choice. We hand-print on organic cotton tees - then gift wrap & post each order in biodegradable paper packaging. 

We are Tom & Lucy (husband & wife) and we've been designing/screen printing bear tees for a few years now! 

Our range of bears is ever expanding and we've been spotted on the telly more than a few times. 

TLDR - In conclusion

Ethical Gifts for Men


Buying from small businesses is often more ethical, just by the nature of how smaller companies are run. 

They tend to operate with less waste, small business owners frequently travel shorter distances to work (my 10 steps across our garden each morning has a low carbon footprint).

Plastic free packaging is more commonly used amongst small businesses, & if you’re in the UK & buying from a UK business helps our economy. 

Mainly though - the gifts on this list will feel far more special to the recipient than something bought from a massive brand (unless it’s a new Ipad…There’s no topping that one ;) 

Ethical Gifts = Awesome Gifts

Buying from small businesses is often more ethical/sustainable.

Order in plenty of time - Smaller business often produce items to order. 

I'd love to know what you think

Get in touch via social media & let us know if you bought anything from one of the businesses in this guide. 

Are there any cool little brands that I should include in a future gift guide?

Thanks for reading. 

Take it easy & happy gifting!

Tom - DFTB