Best Horror movies with Bears in.

Best Horror movies with Bears in.

March 02, 2021

If you're anything like us you love a good scare while in the comfort of your own sofa, preferably stuffing sweet & salty popcorn in the direction of your mouth. 

We LOVE horror movies of all genres (we have a t-shirt design coming soon to celebrate our slasher fandom)  - for this little list though, we've focused on movies that feature bears... for obvious reasons. 

Here are our top picks for folks who like a scare from a bear. 

3. The Edge. 1997

the edge movie still - bear movie blog 1

In this super 90's cheese fest, Charles Morse, a billionaire played by Anthony Hopkins & Bob Green, a photographer played by Alec Baldwin survive a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness. They spend the rest of the movie trying to avoid a huge elephant in the room (metaphorical) and an even bigger Kodiak Bear (terrifyingly real).

The movie is a lot of fun & contains a line that always stuck with me when the Anthony Hopkins character says "What one man can do, another can do". A good mantra to remember - especially when you're being chased by a bear. 

The Edge is available to stream with a subscription to Disney+ 

2 The Revenant. 2015

the revenant movie still for blog

A cracker of a movie, if a trifle long.

The Revenant is set way back in the 1800's. It's a gritty. It's harsh. Men were men, & bears loved men (especially their legs). Leonardo DiCaprio plays a tough and pretty grubby looking chap who has a bloody awful encounter with a bear.

I think this is the movie that earned old Leo the reputation as Hollywood's most edible leading man. That bear scene though... ehhhhgggghhhh!

The Revenant is available to stream with a subscription to Amazon Prime Video

1 Backcountry. 2015

A bear horror in the purest sense, & in my opinion the best bear horror movie.

Set in Canada, a boyfriend & girlfriend, Alex & Jen, go for a weekend camping near Missinabi Lake. They meet a seemingly menacing stranger & a very menacing bear. This movie is wonderfully horrific. It serves up threat, anxiety and a good old wedge of bear attack. 

Backcountry is available to stream with a subscription to Amazon Prime Video

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